What We're Serving at Zingerman's Coffee Company

We’re excited about a few African coffees:

Malawi “Mapanga”
This is one of those coffees that varies wildly from year to year and from processor to processor. One of our brokers who grew up in Africa offered us this coffee when it first became available, knowing how special it was. It took us a while to cup it, but when we did we frantically called back, hoping it wasn’t sold out.

We fell in love with it. It’s very full-bodied yet easy going. It has a pleasant lightly floral/herbal aroma. For me, the coffee had a very rich (almost buttery) mouthfeel, an light caramel note and a very clean finish. The combination of big body and crisp finish is fantastic.

After years of rebuilding (with help from a UN-funded project lead by a professor at MSU), Rwanda is producing many fine coffees. We’re in the process of sourcing the right one for us. Last year we liked one from a coffee in the district of Gikongoro which borders Burundi to the south.

We’re also hearing reports of good quality starting to emerge from Burundi. The East African Fine Coffee Association always exhibits at the SCAA conference. The coffee from Burundi has been good but hard to get due to the political climate. New UN programs should help this.