Coffee Fest 2009

We headed to Coffee Fest 2009 in Chicago and had an incredible experience!
Check out the slideshow below.

The coffee fest is an educational/trade event for coffee professionals.  This show was our trade debut and we were met with tremendous enthusiasm and support.  Espresso was flowing and drip coffee was brewing in abundance.  We featured our espresso blend #1 which is a 100% Brazilian coffee sourced from our good friends at the Daterra Estate.  We love this coffee because it is velvety and sweet, produces great crema, and has a long finish.

On the brewed coffee side, we served our signature blend, the Roadhouse Joe.  This product enjoys great popularity among our wholesale café customers because it is full of body, smooth, and well balanced.  In addition, we served an Ethiopian Limmu special prep.  This coffee has been meticulously processed, leaving the drinker with a very crisp clean cup.

The trade show was very busy for us and we were regularly inundated with crowds as word spread throughout the trade show floor to “get over to the Zingerman’s booth to try their coffee.”

Our booth design was intended to be inviting for folks who wanted to take a “coffee break” and give us a chance to talk “shop”  Many folks even commented how much they really liked our color coordinated stools and asked where they could find them.

At the coffee company we are really proud of our product and work real hard to bring you some of the finest coffees the world has to offer.  We really mean that too.  While many roasters boast that they have the worlds best coffees, we simply state: “you really can taste the difference.”

If you are interested in serving our coffee in your café or restaurant or have a retail shop and would like to sell our product, feel free to give us a call or drop us a note.  We would love to talk about the many options we can offer to you.