Indian Natural Processed-Sethuraman Estates

In Atlanta this spring at the SCAA conference, we cupped 3 tables of Indian coffees from our friend Nishant Gurjer.  We were actually looking for the best of the many fine robustas that they carry, when we came across this natural processed arabica.

It was a shocker!  It had as much clean fruit flavor as any African coffee, yet oh so unique. It has a bright floral aroma with a flavor reminiscent of a pineapple.  Yes, sweet pineapple.  Every time we taste it, it’s unmistakable.  It also has a small amount of spice.  It has a wonderful full body and crystal clear finish that makes you want to go back immediately for another sip.

We bought most of the tiny lot that made it to the states and we are thrilled to offer this coffee.