Peru HB Andes Reserve

Flavors of sweet summer melon with a hint of brightness in the finish. Exceptionally well balanced with an almost creamy mouthfeel.

Located more than a days drive from Lima,this unique coffee comes from the northern region of PERU, a breathtaking region filled with coffee producing communities along the slopes of the Andes Mountains. This area is well known for producing highly sought out quality coffee.

This Andes Reserve is a blend of coffee from the various communities around the state of Lambayeque and San Ignacio that make up organized cooperative groups. With the help of PROASSA, these cooperatives are able to commercialize their product for a direct sale to Zingerman’s importer in New York. Like many coffee producing countries, Peru’s coffee production is driven by the small farmers, the majority own less than a few acres. When these producers come together with the help of an exporter, their coffee is milled, analyzed for quality, and made available for the international market. Without such access to foreign markets, coffee producers would earn much less for their product by selling into the local /national coffee market. Peru HB Andes Reserve is a unique coffee that comes from the hard work of remote coffee farmers and the expertise of a professional exporter, all with the mission of commercializing their product to improve the quality of life of farmers, developing the communities in which they live, and protecting the natural environment they live in and depend on for their livelihoods.