El Salvador Las Ranas

Since 1890 the Salaverria family has been producing some of the best coffees in El Salvador. The plantations are located in the western part of El Salvador in the Ataco and Apaneca Mountains, at an altitude of 1,515 meters. At the top of one of the mountains, well above the coffee plantations, there is a lagoon flooded with small frogs. This lagoon inspired the farm name and that of the coffee it produces, “Cerro Las Ranas”, which means “Hills of Frogs.” Not only is the name unique, but the coffee here is processed using the Pulped Natural method- an interesting process producing a rich and flavorful cup. The philosophy of the Salavarria family is to provide great quality, 100% Bourbon Arabica coffee that is grown, harvested, and milled under their supervision and expertise in accordance with the guidelines of the Rainforest Alliance Certification program.