Bolivian La Paz

This coffee comes from Asociacion de Productores Cacultores de Taipiplaya (ASOCAFE) located in the canton of Taipiplaya. The cooperative has approximately 300 members drawing from 32 communities. ASOCAFE members have actively participated in Bolvia’s Cup of Excellence competitions.

The cooperative produces primarily organic coffees and carefully sorts and produces varying grades of coffee. Individual producers preselect coffees on their farm delivering only the better ones to the washing stations. At the washing stations, they are paid depending upon the quality of delivered cherries. The depulped coffee is fermented 5-8 hours before being washed in three connected washing channels. In these channels, the coffee is sorted by density. The washed parchment is then dried.

Our experience with this coffee is has been uniformly excellent from the description from the importer to our roast sample to our production roast.

It is sweet and complex with floral, honey and lemon notes up front leading to the flavor of graham cracker. It finishes with round butterscotch flavor. It is particularly well suited to brewing with a drip filter. Even the body seems most balanced with some filtration Brewing in a press-pot seems to bring out more of the oral notes and a silkier body without the brightness.