Big Brew Bingo

If you’ve seen the Coffee co’s Big Brew Board, you’ll know that there are a lot of coffee options. Well, we’re eager to have you try them all! So we have created a Bingo game! When you purchase an individually brewed coffee, we’ll stamp that coffee off and you’ll collect fabulous prizes! Even better, you can now remember which ones you’ve tried and which are still on your bucket list. (Surely you have a coffee bucket list, right?) Pick one up from the counter at Zingerman’s Coffee co while they last!

Game Rules:

Get squares stamped to win:

– Completed row receives 20% off that brewer

-Completed column receives 20% off a pound of that bean

-Completed board receives prize bag of a Zingerman’s stainless steel travel mug, a t-shirt and a pound of beans of your choice.

The game has a one year play date and is only playable at Zingerman’s Coffee Co.

Good Luck!