Guatemalan Coban

In 1988 in Guatemalan, Horst Spitzke started planting coffee at his beautiful farm, Flor del Rosario. His large farm of 550 hectares (1,400 acres) celebrates the biodiversity of the region. It is a natural wonder of flora and fauna where he also raises orchids, cardamoms and Monja Blanca (Guatemala’s national flower).

Our coffee, La Cascada, which means “The Waterfall”,  is named for the 100 meter natural spring waterfall located on the farm. The tropical rain forest environment seems to produce a coffee with citrus brightness that is striking for the region.

This coffee is superbly well-balanced with a nice sweetness. It has light floral blossom aromas, cocoa and citrus flavors and a lovely finish. It is a staff favorite brewed in a Chemex or an Aeropress and the syphon pot really brings out the fruit and soft herbal notes.