Java Sunda Hejo

Sunda Hejo is truly handcrafted from the ancient land of Sunda (West Java). The coffee is dried on raised beds in bamboo greenhouses. This ensures stable drying and protects its unique sweetness and character. We have selected this mircolot from the Chiwidey washing station. Historically, coffee was cultivated by the Dutch during the 16th century in the Guntur Mountain region. The first exports were from the Sunda Kelapa port (now the modern day port of Tanjung Priok- Jakarta). Coffee in this region is grown by small farmers in the mountainous region around the beautiful city of Bandung. The hilly terrain does not allow for large plantations and hence the coffee is spread over a large region and small holding.

The Java has a rich body that comes through with any filter methods. Press pots bring out brighter tobacco note and a slightly savory aspect. We like it in the press pot, Chemex, and Clever.