Zambia Kaleya Valley

This Zambian comes from the Terranova Estate, which is almost 80 years old and  has been producing coffee since 1984. The cool altitude and geography are excellent for growing coffee. Colin and Alison Street, along with their eldest son Greg, who manages the farm, have actively supported the local community. This includes an on-site school.

The Terranova school is fully financed by the Streets and boasts 250 students. Each year the Streets add a classroom and a teacher, so the school continues to grow and offer higher levels of education. This school is situated on the farm itself and the farm laborers’ children get the first option at attending, then it is open to the district.

In addition, 25% of the farm has been fenced off and maintained as indigenous area. The Streets have released wildlife into this area for breeding and the offspring are then released into other parts of Zambia as a part of a game rejuvenation program. The Streets feel strongly about giving back what they are taking our by farming.

Sadly, this will be the last year we are able to get this coffee. Economics have forced the Streets to pull out the coffee crop and plant wheat.

As a cup of coffee, the Kaleya Valley Zambian has super rich and earthy body with flavors of a ripe Bosc pear and a pleasant dry walnut-like finish. We like it in a press pot.