Burundi Dukorere Ikawa

We liked this particular coffee for it’s crisp up-front acidity and hints of savoriness. It has a really pleasant tang that sweetens as it cools. Given the brightness if finishes with a remarkably buttery mouthfeel.

The Dukorere Ikawa Cooperative has 300 farmer members, and is owned, operated and fully paid for by the members. About 800 farmers in the area deliver cherries to the co-op for production. Two clean rivers supply water, and post-washing water is cleaned in double purification tanks (USAID Technology). Near the washing station is an amazing waterfall where a hydroelectric station has been built. This gives the washing station the most consistent power supply of any washing station in Burundi.

This coffee is well suited to individual filter methods, like the Chemex and cone. It benefits from a slightly finer grind. It comes out fruity in an Aeropress and citrus-like in a Syphon.