Cold Brew Blend Roaster's Pick

We developed this blend specifically for cold brewing. Cold brewing produces a coffee that is sweet with a super rich body – with virtually no acidity. We have found that coffees we like for their sweetness and body when hot are fantastic cold.

Our current blend uses our sweet and nutty Espresso Blend #1 from Brazil combined with dark and rich flavor of our Indonesian coffee from Kuta in Papua New Guinea. Together they produce a coffee that is chocolately-sweet and strong, with no bitterness. It is rich enough to be poured over ice or to have a splash of cream added. Whether you are using a slow-drip ice tower or Filtron cold brewer or just filtering coffee with a metal strainer and a bowl, these tips will give you a start:

For a Filtron or other soaking method use:

12oz of coffee ground very coarsely to 2.5 quarts of cold water

Soak for 24 hours and filter – making a concentrate

Dilute concentrate 1:1 with water or to taste


For a quick drip method using a cone:

Fill a 16 ounce glass half way with ice

Slowly brew 1 ounce of fine to medium-fine grind over the ice until full

Pour this back over a new cup of ice if desired