5 Steps to Brewing Better Coffee at Home

1) Buy really good beans (and store them well)
Zingerman’s Coffee Company guarantees every bag of coffee. There’s really no risk. In terms of home storage, an air tight container on the counter for a week or so is great.

2) Use enough coffee
As simple as it seems, this really could be the single biggest hazard in the world of home brewing. The ?generally recommended ratio is two tablespoons of ground beans per six-ounce cup. Please don’t underestimate the difference this can make.

3) Use good water
Filtered or bottled water really does make a difference.

4) Brew it well
Filter drip, French press pot, Chemex, and cold extraction are all easy to do and do well. I try to stay away from those Mr. Coffee-type brewers that were once so common place—they tend to brew at too-low temperatures and leave the brewed coffee to “roast” on those burners.

5) Be sure the water is hot enough
For filter drip or French press brewing it should be right below boiling (so a couple degrees below 212ººF). This is huge—a colleague in the coffee business said she tested close to two-dozen home machines and found most were brewing at about 165ºF! That’s a sure guarantee of getting mediocre coffee into the cup regardless of how good it was before it was brewed.