Brewing Methods


French Press Pot

The ever popular French Press (or Plunger Pot) offers up a lot for the coffee lover. By letting the coarse grounds steep in the water and filtering them out using only a fine mesh screen, coffee prepared this method is a very dense and heavy cup. It’s a simple and dramatic way to brew coffee.


Originally designed by a chemist, this gorgeous glass pot brews an incredibly clean cup of coffee. That is due to the shape and weight of the filter, which is heavier than a regular Melitta filter.

Drip Cone Filter

Perhaps the simplest way to brew a cup of coffee, a drip (or pour over) coffee gives you a single cup with all the control your normal pot brewer doesn’t. This is a great starting place for the person who wants to make a great cup of coffee that doesn’t come out of a machine.

Clever Cone Dripper

A recent addition to the coffee world, the Clever Cone Dripper was produced to make an evenly extracted cup. The valve on the bottom keeps the coffee in the cone to steep and releases as soon as it’s placed on top of a cup. It’s the best of a press pot and a cone filter.

Siphon Pot (Vacuum Pot)

This is the science project of coffee makers. Using a heat element to force the water up into the top compartment, the grounds steep with the water and as soon as the heat source is removed a vacuum occurs and pulls the brewed coffee down through a cloth filter leaving the grounds up top. A must have for those who love pomp and circumstance.

Aerobie Aeropress

A newer member of the brewer family, the Aeropress is a quick and delicious method of making coffee, making it ideal for espresso, americano and coffee lovers alike. The way it is designed, air forces the water through the grounds and a filter for a shorter extraction time thereby keeping the temperature up.