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Brazil Full Bloom

We have been working with Brazil’s Daterra Estate since our early days as a micro-roaster occupying a small corner of the Zingerman’s Mail Order warehouse. Over 10 years later, Daterra Estate is still producing some of the finest coffees we have ever tasted. This month, we are pleased to once again offer a special pick from their farm: Full Bloom.

Full Bloom is a 100% “natural” or dry processed coffee, meaning that the fruit flesh of the coffee cherry was left attached to the bean as it dried. Natural processed coffees tend to have remarkable fruit characteristics and rich sweetness.

We loved this lot for its wonderful balance of chocolate and fruit notes, and for the panorama of flavors it offers sip after sip.

  • Notes of milk chocolate & plum with rich sweetness
  • FIlter methods give a well-balanced, smooth cup with nice brightness. Preparation in a press pot yields a really complex brew with a prominent note of hazelnut.
  • Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • Various
  • 1150 m
  • Natural
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  • Pourover
  • Clever
  • Chemex
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  • Brazil Full Bloom

  • Notes of milk chocolate & plum with rich sweetness
  • Smooth and balanced
  • Sweet, bright, notes of plum
  • Complex with strong hazelnut notes