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Burundi Kalico

This Burundi coffee comes to us from the Kahawa Link Company — Kalico, for short.  Started in 2012 by Angele and Consolata, two friends and businesswomen, their mission has been to work in close partnership with producers in Burundi to process and export the best coffees the country has to offer.  They take a lot of pride and satisfaction in forging relationships with producers and we’re happy to share the “fruits” of their labor with you!

The Kalico lots are processed at washing stations in the Kirundo and Muyinga Provinces in Northeastern Burundi.  Each station serves 1000-3000 smallholder farmers.  From the start, quality improvement has been important for Kalico.  Good coffee starts with the education and commitment of producers, and to that end, they have worked with farming communities to share best practices along multiple points of the supply chain, from keeping nurseries to harvesting and processing.  And as the quality of the coffee gets better, and pricing more favorable, Kalico is investing in additional training, environmental protection, and micro-credit/insurance.  

There is a lot going on in this coffee!  It is sweet and complex with flavors of dried fruit and tea.  It also had a nice tart brightness that made it crisp sip after sip.

  • Sweet and complex with hints of tea and dried fruit.
  • We loved this coffee in filter methods. The pour over and immersion brewer yielded bright, crisp, cups with a note of dried cranberry that all of our tasters loved.
  • Stations in Kirundo and Muyinga Provinces, Burundi
  • Primarily Bourbon
  • Stations at 1650-1700 meters, coffee comes from surrounding hills
  • Washed
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  • Burundi Kalico

  • Sweet and complex with hints of tea and dried fruit.
  • Sweet, clean, tea-like
  • Crisp with a cranberry note