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Holiday Blend 2017

Holiday Blend

When we developed this year’s Holiday Blend, we started with our favorite estate coffees from Central and South America. For complexity and balance, we added a bit of a small-lot coffee from Myanmar. The resulting blend has a rich, dark chocolate character with a smooth body and hints of fruit.

We think it’s the kind of coffee you can drink day or night, at breakfast or with dessert, indoors, outdoors, with family and friends, or just by itself, as you sit fireside wrapped in a blanket. You and your coffee, comfort and joy.

  • A delicate blend of coffees from Central America, South America & Africa with a rich, dark-chocolate character, smooth and medium body and hints of fruit.
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  • Holiday Blend 2017

  • Rich, dark-chocolate character, smooth & medium body & hints of fruit.
  • Apple, Smooth, Clove
  • Bright, Citrus, Fruit
  • Nutty, Juicy, Vanilla
  • Orange, Spicy, Chocolate