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Malawi Chakaka

This coffee is sourced from Chakaka, located on the foot of Nyika National Park overseeing Lake Malawi. Other crops grown in this area include maize, beans and soybeans. This area is particularly difficult to travel to, with poor road conditions that worsen especially during the rainy season. It is an agricultural area with limited infrastructure and access to medical facilities.

Coffee was introduced to the area by missionaries in the early 1930s and at present is the only “cash crop” grown in Chakaka. The development of the coffee-based economy has allowed producers to make improvements to their housing, specifically by building structures with iron roofs. Additionally, money from coffee helps the community to achieve food security and send their children to school.

We enjoy this lot for its bright, floral character and creamy body.

  • Floral with a creamy body and sweet brightness.
  • Filter methods gave a delicate-bodied coffee with orange-like brightness and a floral overtone. The press pot and aeropress brought out the juiciness of the coffee and a more substantial, creamy body. Our favorite was the siphon, which was zesty, bright, and sweet.
  • Chakaka, Nyika National Park overseeing Lake Malawi
  • Geisha, Catimors, Nyika, 129, Population 3
  • 1,200-2,000 m
  • Washed
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  • Malawi Chakaka

  • Floral with a creamy body and sweet brightness.
  • Floral, tangerine, toast
  • Smokey, citrus, delicate
  • Grapefruit, tart, black tea
  • Sweet berries, honey, granola
  • Bright, toasted nuts, juicy
  • Bright, zesty, sweet, fruity