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Mexico Chiapas

We’ve always loved Mexican coffees from the state of Chiapas. They are the whole package: well-balanced, rich, and naturally sweet. This lot has some cocoa and honey notes that we find to be delicious.

GRAPOS (Grupo de Asesores de Producción Orgánica y Sustentable) is an organization of coffee producers located near the town of Tapachula in Chiapas, Mexico. The organization represents 2,600 smallholder coffee farmers who work on an estimated 8,000 hectares of land. Most members come from the communities of Unión Juárez, Cacahoatan and Tapachula, all within the state of Chiapas.

We featured this coffee in our Holiday Blend for 2014 and didn’t want to say goodbye quite yet. We’ve been sourcing this coffee as a single-origin ever since! This coffee has the kind of balanced and clean profile that we love in a Mexican coffee. We tasted cocoa, hazelnut, and citrus, with a smooth, almost satiny, body. It’s the kind of coffee you can drink cup after cup, day after day.

  • Flavors of cocoa, hazelnut & citrus with a smooth body
  • The pour over yields an exceptionally well balanced and tasty cup – our personal favorite. Prepared as a siphon, the coffee’s citrus brightness really comes out.
  • Near Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico
  • Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai and Typica
  • 1,200-1,500 meters
  • Fully Washed; Sun-dried
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  • Pourover
  • Clever
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  • Mexico Chiapas

  • Flavors of cocoa, hazelnut & citrus with a smooth body
  • Well-balanced and smooth
  • Bright, citrus notes