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Mexico Yucuhiti


This coffee comes to us from a cooperative in the Mixteca region of Oaxaca, Mexico, where the humidity and altitude create ideal conditions for growing coffee. The Mixteca region is home to the indigenous Mixteca and Zapoteca people. The farmers who contributed to this coffee are in the hills around 1600+ meters above sea level, and have mostly Typica and Bourbon types planted on their farms. This is a Fair Trade and Organic certified coffee; the farmers are following organic farming guidelines, and that payments are made with transparency. 

  • Sweet, lemon, yogurt, toffee finish
  • La Mixteca, Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Bourbon, Yellow Caturra
  • 1700 - 1800m
  • Washed
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  • Mexico Yucuhiti

  • Very complex, nutty, with caramel flavors