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Peru El Milagro

Peru El Milagro

We sourced this coffee from our partners at Atlas Coffee Importers, who have been working with El Milagro since 2010. With only 72 members, El Milagro is a very small co-op, but consistently produces very nice coffees. They even exported their first single-producer micro-lot in 2015.  

Knowing the journey a coffee makes from seed to cup can be humbling. But this coffee saw adventure even before reaching the nearest highway.

The co-op is based in San Jose de Lourdes, near a river called the Rio Chinchipe. Vehicles can cross the river on a raft — but because of strong current, the raft is anchored to a series of metal cables that run across the river. It’s not exactly a gentle ride, but the journey speaks to the pride and passion of the folks at El Milagro, and their commitment to producing great coffee despite the obstacles.

This is a super well rounded coffee. We got some floral notes in the aroma with a nutty, cashew-like flavor, and a bit of citrus as it cooled. From beginning to end, its sweetness reminded us of brown sugar.

  • Brown sugar sweetness with notes of citrus and toasted nuts.
  • Outstanding as a v60 pour over and siphon pot. Both methods highlighted the sweet, super clean characteristic of the coffee.
  • Cajamarca, San Ignacio Province, Peru
  • Caturra, Costa Rica, Pache, Nacional, Catuai
  • Stations at 1650-1700 meters, coffee comes from surrounding hills
  • Washed
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  • Peru El Milagro

  • Brown sugar, citrus, toasted nuts
  • Sweet, super clean
  • Sweet, super clean