Cold Brew: Coffee’s Hottest Beverage

Michelle Abbey – Zingerman’s Coffee Company

When poured into a glass from the tap, the foam of this cool, dark beverage cascades – it’s beautiful, even a little hypnotizing to watch. This time of year, you can see many folks in the new-and-improved courtyard of the Zingerman’s Southside enjoying swigs of it under the patio umbrellas. It’s totally lunch break-friendly – but please, permit yourself to feel a little “party” about it. What we’re serving up is not Guinness, but a more energizing brew – Nitro Cold Brew.

Chocolatey. Smooth. Creamy. Silky.

The infusion of nitrogen produces a stout-like beverage – it’s just one way to enjoy the drink that’s quickly conquering the coffee world. At the Zingerman’s Coffee Company, you’ll find our cold brew not only infused with nitro, but also in our Es Alpukat (an avocado smoothie…yes, that exists!) and its pure, delicious form: bottled up, sold individually and in 4 packs.

One reason cold brew is making the coffee industry stand attention is that it’s converting people. Those who previously shunned coffee for its bitterness are pleasantly surprised by cold brew’s smooth sweetness. The long, cool water extraction used to make cold brew produces a naturally sweet, less acidic beverage – a great alternative if you suffer from post-coffee heartburn, by the way. Cold brewing also extracts more caffeine than hot-brewed coffee – drink responsibly!

The finished product is bottled up and ready to drink at any time. It tastes amazing on its own or with a splash or cream, almond milk, or a bit of vanilla. It’s no surprise that cold brew is outpacing iced coffee sales (which is simply brewed coffee poured over ice). Cold Brew gets straight to the point. It has a potent amount of energy. And you don’t have to wait for it to be expertly crafted as you’re stalled behind a wrap-around drive-through line… you can keep it in your ‘fridge (or, stashed in the pantry…our patent-pending cold brew is ambient shelf-stable for up to a year, without the need for additives or preservatives!). It’s ready when you’re ready: you grab, you go. No preparation necessary!

In the case of our cold brew, convenience doesn’t mean a compromise in quality. It’s brewed with Papua New Guinea beans from our friends at the Apo & Angra Cooperatives, as well as beans from Daterra Estate in Brazil.  We’ve proudly worked with the folks at Daterra for over 10 years. They lead the industry in innovation and sustainability; this year Daterra Estate was awarded a Level A certification from the Rainforest Alliance, the first-ever award given and the highest possible!

Best of all, once you’re hooked on the stuff, you don’t have to give it up during the cooler months! We carry it and serve it year-round. It makes for a game-changing ingredient in many sweet & savory recipes, and of course a kick-butt cocktail. If you want to try for yourself, craft the recipe below (or, try it at the Zingerman’s Roadhouse bar – they’re serving it all summer!):



nutty professor


Want to add a little more sweetness? Add a dollop of whipped cream! Fresh grated nutmeg brings a nice touch of warmth to this cool cocktail!

If the culinary crafter in you is curious, or if you simply want to try cold brew coffee in its bottled glory, stop by Zingerman’s Coffee Company to grab a bottle or 4 pack!

Summer passes by all too quickly, but cold brew is here to stay!