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Holiday Blend 2022

Illustration of red coffee mug ornament hanging from a Christmas tree branch

When we developed this year’s blend, we started with beans from smallholders in Guatemala and our longtime partner Daterra farm in Brazil. For a bit of complexity and another layer of richness, we added in some beans from the island of Timor in the Asia-Pacific. 

What we got out was a blend that is rich, layered, and silky smooth with hints of dark chocolate and toasted nuts. We made it to be a ready-for-anything blend for holiday celebrations – whether with breakfast, dessert, or on its own, as you stay cozy wrapped in a blanket. A comfort and joy kind of coffee for the time of year you need it most.

  • Silky smooth with a rich, nutty flavor
  • Guatemala, Brazil, Timor
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  • Holiday Blend 2022

  • Silky smooth with a rich, nutty flavor