A Toast to Toast!

One-year anniversary of serving those super special toast combos at the Coffee Company!
Ari Weinzweig, CEO & Co-Founder of Zingerman’s 

Toast options at Zingerman's Coffee Company cafe in Ann Arbor, MI.

This week we’re celebrating the one-year anniversary of serving toast at the Coffee Company! Since I’m sitting in the coffee shop right now as I write, watching wonderful orders of incredible plates of toast delivered to customers’ tables…it’s hard to resist sticking in a toast to toast here! So toast, here’s to you! Happy Anniversary! And here’s to much more great toasting to come!

I think the eight toast offerings we’ve got at the coffee company are some of the most delicious new additions we’ve made in the ZCoB in the last year or two. All are, of course, built on a base of the Bakehouse’s marvelous bread. All have incredible toppings. (And if you don’t live in town, all can be replicated by mail ordering the ingredients and doing them at your house!)

The Miche’lle My Belle toast still makes me smile every time I have a bite. A nice substantial slice of the Bakehouse’s Country Miche warm toast topped off with a generous spreading of the Creamery’s handmade artisan Cream Cheese and a healthy grinding of that same incredibly aromatic Tellicherry Pepper #10 that comes in from Kerala in southwest India. We finish it off with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil on the plate that you dredge the toast through before you take a bite. It all comes together to be one darned terrific piece of toast. I could eat this stuff every day!

But then there’s more…the Bulgarian toast has been the smash surprise hit—Sicilian Sesame Semolina toasted and topped with fresh goat cheese from the Creamery and Bulgarian lutenitsa (you may never have heard of it but it’s highly likely you’ll love it: a spread of peppers, eggplant and tomatoes!). Or the Portuguese toast—cinnamon raisin bread topped with extra virgin olive oil and cinnamon sugar. Or the Caviar of the South—pimento cheese on toasted Roadhouse bread! Or the English toast with cream cheese and cucumbers! Or the alliteratively and culinarily catchy Teutonic toast—the Bakehouse’s Dinklebrot (spelt bread) with cream cheese and wild Uzbek black cumin. And last, but not least, Lauren’s Sweet Heat—goat cream cheese, coffee blossom honey, and Korean red chile flakes on toasted Roadhouse bread! Makes me hungry just writing about them. Come by anytime—all these toasts are terrific for breakfast, lunch, snacks, or even an early evening meal (we’re open ’til 7).


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