Sumatra Permata Gayo

This fine Sumatran coffee comes from the Lintong region from the southern part of Lake Toba. Lake Toba was formed by an earth-changing explosive eruption, which left a deep lake and surrounding highlands. These highlands are relatively flat and surprisingly more plains-like than mountainous. Very little top soil covers the 75,000 year old volcanic sand and the farmers amend the soil with organic matter.

We roast it a little darker than most of our coffees to bring out some of the intense flavors. It benefits from the additional heat. It has a nice sweetness of grapefruit and leather with slightly smokey notes upon cooling. The finish is clean and nice. We loved it in a press pot and Aeropress, which both accentuate the intense body this coffee has to offer.

Ulos is the name of the traditional cloth worn by the Batak of North Sumatra. It comes from Lintongnihuta in the Silaban village.