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Bag of beansAt Zingerman’s Coffee Company, we’re dedicated to sourcing, roasting, and brewing the most flavorful coffees we can while building long-term relationships with growers who share our passion for quality and complexity of flavor.

We source beans from across the globe, with a focus on single-origin, estate-grown, and micro-lot coffees. We cup new offerings every week to make sure we are bringing you the best of the bunch.

We roast our coffees in small batches and pay respect to their distinctive regional characteristics. While some beans require a gentle touch in the roaster, others need a little more heat to develop their most desirable flavors. Our craft is to ensure each coffee we source receives the kind of roast that suits it best.

We brew our coffees with the same exacting attention we give to the rest of our work. Our recipes are continually revisited, our techniques finely tuned, to extract the very best from each coffee we offer. We also specialize in seven preparation methods — pour-over, Chemex, siphon pot, to name just a few — each of which yield distinctive, and often surprising, results.

Source, roast, brew, and voilà! — a great cup of coffee. Don’t let the simplicity of the phrase deceive you: it takes a holistic approach, and a lot of work from a lot of folks, to get all the pieces fitting together just right. But when they do, we think You Really Can Taste the Difference.

We seek sustainable wholesale relationships with people who are passionate about what they do. We want partners who are committed to great service, delicious food, treating their employees well, and having fun at work. Still interested? We’d love to discuss providing coffee to your business!

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