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Brewed Coffee

Today’s selections, brewed and ready to serveshort 2.50 tall 3.25

Individually Brewed Cups

Select a brewing method and the coffee of your choice*:

Pourover $5.00
Clever $5.00
Chemex $5.00
Aeropress $5.00
Press Pot $5.00
Syphon Pot $6.00

*some of our coffees are not available all the time due to seasonality…please visit our cafe to find out what’s available!

Espresso Drinks

Double Espresso $2.75

Cubano $3.30
Espresso brewed with demerara sugar

Espresso Macchiatto $3.30
Espresso marked with a dab of foam

Americano short $3.00 (2 shots) tall $4.15 (3 shots)
Espresso with hot water

Cappuccino short $4.00 tall $4.50
Espresso with foamed Calder Dairy milk

Fortissimo short $4.75 tall $5.25
A cappuccino with an extra shot of espresso

Latte short $4.00 tall $4.50
Espresso with steamed Calder Dairy milk

Sweet Matcha Latte short $5.50 tall $8.60
Sweet Matcha Powder with steamed Calder Dairy milk

Mocha short $4.70 tall $5.60
Our latte with a ganache made from Callebaut chocolate drops.

Brevé short $5.25 tall $6.50
A cappuccino made with half & half and an extra shot.

Cafe con miel short $4.40 tall $5.15
Honeyed latte with warm cinnamon.

Hot Drinks

Hot Chocolateshort $3.50 tall $4.25
Made with Callebaut chocolate drops, steamed Calder Dairy milk and real whipped cream!

Masala Chai short $4.70 tall $5.50
Spicy and sweet masala chai tea (blended by Rishi Tea) with steamed milk.

Turmeric Ginger Chai Latteshort $4.70 tall $5.50

Cafe au Lait short $2.75 tall $3.00
Coffee with steamed Calder Dairy milk

Tea Latte  tall $3.50
Your choice of tea and steamed milk, and hot water.

Rishi Tea

cup $3.85 pot $4.99

Earl Grey or English Breakfast

Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong

Jade Cloud or Jasmine Pearl

Turmeric Ginger or Hibiscus Berry

Iced Drinks

Italian Soda tall $3.50
French Soda tall $3.95
Iced Americano short $3.00 tall $4.15
Iced Latte short $4.00 tall $4.50
Iced Mocha short $4.70 tall $5.60
Iced Tea from Rishi tall $2.75
Fruit Smoothieshort $5.25 tall $5.95
Cold Brew short $3.25 tall $3.75
Nitro Cold Brewshort $4.25 tall $4.75
Pembertinoshort $3.50 tall $4.25

Lemonade tall $3.90


shot of flavored syrup $0.75
additional shot of espresso $0.75
whipped cream $0.50
Zingerman’s marshmallow $0.50
almond milk $0.50
soy milk $0.50
oat milk $0.50
coconut milk $0.50