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Costa Rica Hacienda Miramonte Natural

We are excited to introduce a single-estate, natural process coffee from Costa Rica’s Hacienda Miramonte. Most beans from Costa Rica are processed using a “washed” method that uses water to remove the coffee fruit from the bean inside. Our lot is naturally processed coffee, meaning the beans were dried out with the fruit still attached.  These coffees are known for having amazing sweetness and a rich, velvety body. We found this coffee to be wonderfully balanced and caramelly with honey-like sweetness.

Reserved exclusively for Zingerman’s Coffee Company, our lot is the result of many years of collaboration between Zingerman’s Coffee Company and the farm.  Managing Partner Steve Mangigian works closely with the folks at the farm to bring this coffee to market and oversees processing, milling, and final sorting.

Hacienda Miramonte was started in 1917 by the matriarch of the Gurdian family, Lucila Duval de Morales, and is now operated by her great-grandson Ricardo.  Generation after generation, the Gurdians have reaffirmed their commitment to growing quality coffee while serving as stewards of the environment and their local community.  This is the fifth season we have worked with the Gurdians and we are proud to be their partners.

  • Wonderfully balanced and caramelly with honey-like sweetness
  • Naranjo de Alajuela, Costa Rica
  • Catuai, Caturra, Obata
  • 1200-1275m
  • Natural
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  • Costa Rica Hacienda Miramonte Natural

  • Wonderfully balanced and caramelly with honey-like sweetness
  • Gives a balanced, sweet cup, with a honey-like body.
  • More smooth and buttery with a nutty note.
  • Brings out complexity with a nice caramel-like sweetness.