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Tanzania Mwika Peaberry

Kenya Peaberry artwork

Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa — slightly larger than two Californias. It’s renowned for its rich, volcanic soils and abundance of rainfall – both ideal for growing coffee. This coffee is produced by a cooperative in the town of Mwika, just east of Mount Kilimanjaro National Park, is about 8 miles from the Kenya border. Mwika is referred to by locals as one of the ‘gateways’ to Kilimanjaro. The Kilimanjaro game reserves and large coffee estates made Tanzania a household name.

This single-origin, hand-picked peaberry is lovely: full-bodied and bright, with hints of apricot which round out the cup. It comes to us from Mwika North, a cooperative established in 1984. Mwika North became one of the first organic certified producer groups in the Kilimanjaro region. The producers still take pride in following organic farming standards.

  • Full bodied and bright. Hints of apricot.
  • We liked this coffee prepared with paper filter methods.
  • Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania
  • Bourbon; Jackson Bourbon
  • 1675 m
  • Pulped, washed. Fermented for 48 hours, washed again and soaked for 18 hours before dried on raised beds.
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  • Tanzania Mwika Peaberry

  • Full bodied and bright. Hints of apricot.
  • A nicely balanced and fruity cup with a creamy body.
  • Sweet and delicate with a note of apricot.